Mosquito Control

Mosquito Reduction & Prevention


mosquito reduction Spring, Summer & Fall … the time of the year we all want to enjoy activities outside! Don’t you hate it when an uninvited guest interrupts your lounging, parties, cookouts, family gatherings, receptions, even weddings?!  What about places of business such as churches, schools, and Day Care Facilities.  No one wants that uninvited guest joining them.  All these activities make life special, but those uninvited guests can ruin everything.

Mosquitoes!  Those pesky biting insects can ruin your day.  Mosquitoes can become such a problem that they keep you from enjoying those moments of relaxation and fun.  Also, mosquitoes can pose a significant health risk due to diseases they can carry, like West Nile Virus and Encephalitis.  They can transmit these to your family, pets, and guest with one single bite. While you can never eliminate mosquitoes, you can reduce them!

A Mosquito Reduction Service can help you reclaim your home or business from these uninvited guests. Mosquitoes are their most worrisome at twilight and in the early morning, but the conditions that allow them to increase around the home exist all day long.  Those conditions can become a severe issue, which is why you should consider a customized Mosquito Reduction Service for your home and business.

It is time to take action! It’s time to make a plan!

The first step is calling Bohannon Services, Inc. to schedule your Free Mosquito Reduction Evaluation.

  1. We will inspect your property, evaluate all the conducive conditions for Mosquitoes, and then provide recommendations for reducing the issues and steps that we can take to reduce the mosquito issue further.
  2. We will establish a plan to attack the breeding sites and harborages. This plan will be an ongoing process, and we will evaluate potential breeding sites during every service.

Bohannon Services, Inc. offers three types of Mosquito Reduction Services

These services will ensure your family & home or place of business have protection from mosquitoes.  These services are plant-friendly, which is crucial since we treat non-flowering bushes, shrubs, trees, and other surfaces around your home where mosquitoes are most likely to harbor & breed.

Standard Mosquito Reductions Services

This service includes treatment of non-flowering foliage, application of larvicides targeted for mosquitoes.

Premium Mosquito Services

mosquito control We will install In2Care Mosquito Baiting Stations (number determined by property size and landscaping requirements) in conjunction with the treatment of non-flowering foliage and applying larvicides targeted for mosquitoes.

Premium EF* Mosquito Services  (*Environmentally Friendly)

Installation of In2Care Mosquito Baiting Stations (number determined by property size and landscaping requirements) in conjunction with the treatment of non-flowering foliage with botanical* products, application of larvicides targeted for mosquitoes. *FIFRA 25(b) exempt botanical insecticide (EPA Registered Insect Repellent)

Special Event Mosquito Reduction Service

This service option consists of treating non-flowering foliage, applying larvicides targeted for mosquitoes, PLUS, a barrier treatment to provide coverage to prevent other pesky insects.

Bohannon Services, Inc. is proud to be an In2Care Certified Specialist

In2Care is a tool to fight DengueChikungunyaYellow Fever, and Zika virus from rapidly spreading in tropical regions worldwide. Their vector, the Aedes mosquito, is challenging to control as it divides its eggs over various small and hard-to-find breeding sites and has become resistant to insecticides.  The In2Care Mosquito Trap effectively attracts and kills Aedes mosquitoes with novel and green ingredients that target both larvae and adults. Trap activity is not limited to the trap itself but also extends to the surrounding area.